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Please Sponsor The Hula Calendar for 2014

We were very proud to have produced the first HULA calendar last year.  It sold well and raised good money for a very worthwhile cause.

HULA, the Home for Unwanted and Lost Animals, is an animal rescue and adoption charity. It can only continue doing that good work by fundraising.

Thanks to 13 very generous sponsors we have printed 1,000 very high quality calendars which were launched on Sunday 8th September 2013 at HULA’s big dog show event  which attracts up to 1,000 people.  We expect the calendars to sell out by Christmas.

The 12 monthly page sponsors all paid £125 to sponsor their month in the calendar.  Please click on the links above you will be able to see who they are and what they do. These calendars are being bought so they will be used in 1,000 different homes, shops and offices and therefore seen by thousands of people.

All the sponsors are guaranteed to get all of their money back thanks to our Guaranteed 10% Cash Back Certificate. Whenever the sponsor buys any print or direct mail from us at any point in the future, we will keep giving them 10% cash back until they have recovered all of their £125 sponsorship money. So, by the time they have spent only £1,250 their sponsorship will have become totally free.

Our Guaranteed 10% Cash Back Certificate is not time limited so, no matter how long it takes the sponsor will get all of their money back. It is also fully transferable so, if the sponsor doesn’t buy much print they can introduce us to somebody who does they will still get 0% cash back on whatever they spend. They are 100% guaranteed to get all of their money back.

The pictures for the calendar have been professionally taken by Bridget Davey who specialises in pet photography.  Each picture shows an individual pet that HULA have found new homes for.  With the picture is the individual story of that pet.  This shows the incredible work that HULA does and that every pet is an individual and therefore needs their own individual help.

If you would like to sponsor a page or you know somebody else who would please contact Mark Orr on 07903 655 169, email hula@printingandmailing.co.uk or fill in the simple form below.

Thanks so much to our very generous sponsors, HULA really appreciate it.

If you would like to buy the 2014 HULA Charity Calendar for just £5 please fill in form below and we will be very happy to help you


The 2014 HULA Charity Calendar is now out

This year’s calendar is the best ever and it is all thanks to the 13 very generous sponsors who made it possible.