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There is an age old copywriting acronym called A.I.D.A.  This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

That is a great plan for anybody trying to come up with marketing or advertising copy.  However, it doesn’t go far enough and doesn’t help you develop your whole Marketing story.

You can’t market effectively unless you know who you are trying to attract and you know the results of your previous campaigns.

So what you need is P.A.Y.D.A.Y.  Make everyday your P.A.Y.D.A.Y.

P  = Personality

A  = Attraction

Y  = You & Yours

D  = Dreams

A  = Act Now

Y  = Yield

P  = Personality

Marketing is a dating game.  You will find it much easier to attract people that you can identify. You will then know what they like.  You will also know their needs and wants.

Do some research.  How do other businesses attract the same people that you are looking for?  Do you know where they live, what car they drive, what they read, what they eat?  The more you know about your prospect the more likely you are to be able to attract them.

Work out the language they would use and then you will speak to them in the way that most encourages them to respond to your offer.

A  = Attraction

Now you know who you are trying to attract it should be easier to think of something that will really get their attention.

Think of a magazine on a rack in a news agent.  What is the first thing you notice as you scan the shelves?  It will be the picture on the front cover. That picture will have started speaking to you the moment you first saw it.  Maybe you like the person or place or object in the picture.  As soon as you see it you want to find out more.

The old saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words” is absolutely true. So please make sure that all of your “words” are speaking the language of your prospects.

Y  = You & Yours

Now that you have attracted the attention of your prospects you need to hold their interest.

What do you think are the most important things in their lives?  Themselves and their family and friends.  So you have to show that you understand their needs, interests and desires and can solve their problems.

Your language needs to concentrate on “You & Your” rather than “we & us”.

Going back to the magazine example, after the picture has drawn you in the next thing you see is the headline.  That has to hold your attention and make you want to find out more.

Your headline in their language has to ask a question or deal with a pain they don’t want or a pleasure they do want.

D  = Dreams

Now that your headline has encouraged your prospect to find out more you need to start building their dreams.  They need to be able to imagine their life without the problem that you have identified or with the pleasure you have promised them.

You need to show that your product or service will reduce their pain, increase their pleasure or look after the people or things they love and care about.

To do this well you really need to know your prospects and be able to speak to them in language that shows that you understand them.  Tell them a story with a happy ending.  Paint pictures in their mind with their words.

Make sure the benefits of buying your product or service solve their problems.

A  = Act Now

Your prospect has been attracted by your well chosen picture.  Your headline in their language has made them interested.  The rest of the text has built up their dreams.  What do they do next and when to they do it?

At this point you need to tell them very clearly how they can make those dreams a reality.  Make sure your contact points are well matched to your prospects.  Make sure there is more than one way of getting in touch with you. Test your contact points.

The best way to make your prospect contact you now is to pay them for doing so.  What can you offer them right now that they will want to keep. Something well related to your brand, product or service?  Not a discount!

Y  = Yield

You won’t get everything right first time.  You need to measure your results in order to improve them next time.  You also need to make sure you are getting a positive return on your investment.

The easiest way to do that is to put devices into the material which automatically measure the results.

A special telephone number which records the number of calls.  A special email address just for that message. A special domain name and landing page only accessed from this material.  A QR code that records how many times it is scanned.  A shortened URL that records how many times it is used.  A dedicated Facebook page….

There are so many ways to make sure you know your results.

Your Six Simple Steps to Success in Marketing Your Business

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