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Would you like to enjoy better results from your existing marketing budget? Do You Need Professional Marketing Help & Support for Your Small, Medium or Large Business?

Print and Direct Mail are just two of the many marketing methods you can use to deliver your message to your customers and potential customers.

Just like all the other marketing methods your printing and mailing will deliver that message whether you like it or not.  So please take good professional marketing advice to make sure you deliver the message that attracts exactly the right response that you want.

20 years of experience in printing and direct mailing has been a real education.  You learn what works and what doesn’t.  You also learn exactly why it works and why it doesn’t, particularly if you make sure it is measurable.  By the way, if you can’t measure it please don’t do it.

There are now so many other marketing methods available to small, medium and large business that it is even more difficult for you to really know which is best to attract and retain exactly the type of people who buy your product or service.  To get the highest possible results you really need to make them all work together.  You cannot rely on just one channel or method or system because one day it will stop working for you.

The best Professional Marketing Help will always advise you to have at least 10 different marketing strategies all working together and separately at any one time.  You have to keep an eye on them all with easy, simple measuring techniques to make sure that they are making you more money than they are costing.  Please always keep these three simple words at the front of your mind “test and measure”.

When you “test and measure” you can react quickly. If any one of your ten marketing strategies is not making you more money than it costs then you have some simple and easy options.  You can just cut it and try something new.  This is often the first reaction but it may be the wrong one.

Ask yourself this simple question.  Can I see other businesses in my sector or beyond who are making good profits from this marketing method?  If you can then you very simply and easily know that the method does work.  You just need to take better advice, do more research or get some Professional Marketing Help from somebody you can trust to improve what you are doing.

Mark Orr from Printing & Mailing has spent 20 years learning what works and what doesn’t across several different marketing methods.  It is not just about that experience.  The important thing is to understand why it works and why it will works for you.

Here is one very easy, simple hard fact in marketing. Unless you can very clearly communicate to your target customers the difference between you and your competitors that they already know they want to enjoy then the only thing you will ever compete on is price.

The problem with competing on price is that there will always be someone bigger than you, more efficient than you, more desperate than you or with deeper pockets than you who will be cheaper than you.  The other problem with low price is that it also means low profits which means low investment and no long term future.  It is also really hard work.

If you would like to find out how to get Professional Marketing Help that is low cost and high profit please call Mark on 07903 655 169 or email him on mark@printingandmailing.co.uk.