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Find Your Best Business Networking in Milton Keynes?

There are so many Business Networking Groups in Milton Keynes that it can be hard to choose which ones to go to.  Every member of every group will tell you that their’s is the best.  The question is best for what?  Their objective may be very different to yours.

Start by defining your objective.  Some people think this is easy and that everybody’s answer will be ‘I want more business’.  Many will say they have that objective but when you look more closely at their behaviour and their results the real reasons may be very different.  I have known people go because they like the company.  Others are actually looking to secure good long term relationships with suppliers they can trust.  Some law firms in Milton Keynes just tell their junior solicitors that they must ‘do’ at least one networking event per month so their objective is to tick a box.

Once you know what your objective is decide when and how much time you can commit to business networking in Milton Keynes.  Business Networking is a contact sport and is unlikely to work unless you meet people regularly and turn up when they expect you to.  Business Networking in Milton Keynes can be done at all times of the day.  Breakfast Business Networking meetings are very popular because people like to start their day in a positive way without losing any time from the working day. However, if you can’t do early mornings there are several lunches, brunches, afternoons and evenings. What time of day best suits you?  What frequency best suits you?  Weekly, two weekly, monthly?

The next very important consideration is what kind of people do you want to meet.  You see, Business Networking is just like all other forms of marketing. You need to find your target market.  So, are their people in the group who either fit your target market or will have customers and contacts in your target market.  For example, as the owner of a Print Management Company I can work with all sorts of people but, good referral sources for me tend to be Professional Copywriters and Professional Graphic Designers.

If you are good at this targeting, you won’t just join any group where there are members from the professions that tend to refer to you.  You need to find people who already have customers just like the ones that you work with best.  This is why you need to go to any group at least twice before joining.

The next consideration is the format.  Do you like the way the meeting is run?  Do the people in the room appear to be motivated by it?  Can you see evidence in the room that business is being done between people?  From bitter experience I can tell you that if you don’t enjoy being there it will show and you won’t win any friends or business.  If the culture of the meeting doesn’t suit your character find another group that you can thrive in.

Don’t forget that networking happens everywhere, not just in groups that call themselves Business Networking.  Some of the best Business Networking takes place in other meetings like seminars, exhibitions and conferences.  The other great thing about going to seminars, exhibitions and conferences is that the subject matter will help you to easily define your target market because the people running the event will have invited their target market which may contain the same people you are looking for.

If you would like some help finding the right Business Networking in Milton Keynes please fill in the form and I will respond quickly